About Us


It's hard to define us as we are constantly evolving, but one of the best descriptions was written in a recent publication:

"One of the stalwarts INSPITALFIELDS has succeeded in Spitalfields for what seems like forever, or at least, longer than all its near neighbours.

From a market stall, through numerous pitches, to its present corner site, it's mirrored all the recent changes at this historic site with its own reincarnation as gift shop supreme.

A note of warning : if you're pressed for time Do Not Enter This Shop. The humour that runs through here like a stick of London flavoured rock will have you dawdling in delight for hours.

Animated by hands on staff who are fully involved in selecting the stock, their sensibilities as artists and designers in their own right translate into a thoughtful and engaging array of cards and products, often by new local talent.

When you need a high functioning present and you're dry of ideas, let their imagination do the work for you."

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