Our Story 

Founded by Fiona in December 1993, Inspitalfields started out as a business selling hand-crafted products from around the world inspired by her love for travelling to places such as Thailand, India and South America. Her aim was to create a connection that would give those who were intrigued to travel, a taste of what they would experience if they did. 

Old Spitalfields market, which is East London’s number one market, became the ideal location for Fiona’s venture. In the 90s it changed from its original incarnation as a fruit and vegetable market to housing units for artists, creative designers and independent businesses. Now open 7 days a week, Old Spitalfields market is the home to retailers, restaurants, stalls and street food traders under one Victorian roof. They champion quality and responsibly sourced products hand picked from a selection of traders, craftsmen, artists and artisans.

 Just like the market, Inspitalfields is constantly evolving. In 2002, Fiona joined forces with Mehmood to expand the business, visiting trade shows together in different countries building up their eclectic range of products.

Today Inspitalfields is a sustainable gift shop where you can find everything, from modern, handmade design homeware to quirky greeting cards. You can expect to discover books, stationery, art, lighting, textiles, home fragrances, vases and more to help decorate your home.

Our expert staff are happy to help you pick the perfect piece to bring your home together, so if you’re looking to find a gift for someone or yourself, then Inspitalfields is the place for you!

Our Values

Inspitalfields is not just a shop, it’s a community with a strong connection with people, their heritage and the world in which we are living.  Inspitalfields is a state of mind and a lifestyle that you choose to live. We always support local artists and designers, and as a brand we take a strong social stand for an equal society without racism, homophobia or hatred against women.