Meet Julian

"I first came across and began a real interest in hydroponics through the practice of aquaculture while taking my first degree in Applied Marine Biology, all the way back in the last century (1994 to be precise).

I maintained an interest in hydroponics over the years and love the fact that I now have a small eco-conscious business that utilises some of the knowledge and experience I picked up in between enjoying myself in sunny Edinburgh."

Where did you get your inspiration from?

Whilst working on an Open University course, at the end of the first term, we had been given some work to do and part of it was to plan/design a theoretical item that was made from recycled materials potentially found within the home.

After several months of refining the parts of the kits and finding suppliers that shared our environmentally sensitive ideas.

I taught myself how to cut glass reliably using an old tile saw in my back garden and began selling kits and even making candles in our kitchen using utensils that I had found around the house.

Hydro-herb seemed to us to be just right, incorporating exactly what the kits are; hydroponically grown herbs but in a short and sweet alliterative manner..

How are your products made?

We take the bottles that have been “recovered” by a local brewery from their pubs and restaurants to make the body of the kits. The bottles are cut by hand using a specialist glass cutting blade in order to give us the two halves.

Where are you based?

I know longer make them in the back garden and kitchen, much to the relief of the household. Instead, I have a workshop in a small village just outside Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

Which is your top selling Hydro Herb?

Basil is definitely our most popular kit; I think because everyone is familiar with it and its also incredibly easy to use in cooking.

Do you have anything planned for this year that you can share with us?

We are always experimenting with new herbs trying to find another optimum herb strain to grow well hydroponic conditions.

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