Meet Veronika & Dimitar

Clarity Blend is a wellness brand founded by clinical aromatherapist Veronika and her husband Dimitar.

Veronika has always been captivated by the power of botanical ingredients and had a fascination with the benefits of medicinal herbs and plants. She spent my summers at her grandparents’ farm in Bulgaria surrounded by aromatic fields, also making potions and odd-coloured concoctions from grass, flower petals, pine needles, herbs.

Dimitar shares Veronika’s passion for botanical ingredients.Demanding city jobs and long commutes had left their energy levels depleted and when Veronika came across aromatherapy, the aromas brought her back to her childhood happy place of the scents of her grandparent’s farm. 

This inspired her to pursue a degree in clinical aromatherapy and then, Clarity Blend was born out of a desire to share the blends with the world. The blends are created to help with different wellness needs - from better sleep, more calm and boosting energy.

Where are your products made?

All our products are fully hand-blended by us in our Wokingham studio. We sample many oils before choosing a supplier and vigorously research the origins of the oil and the plants to ensure the therapeutic quality of the oils. We source some of the essential oils from Bulgaria where we are originally from. In terms of production process, we strictly follow the practices outlined in the Good Manufacturing Guide and all our formulations are certified and safety approved.

What is your top selling product?

Our best-selling aromatherapy blend is Mind Spa when you need a little soothing help to press the pause button and calm us down. It comes in pure essential oil blend, bath salts, body & bath oil and pulse point roll-on.

Which is your favourite product?

As a citrus lover, Dimitar's favourite blend is Citrus delight with bergamot, sweet orange and grapefruit. Veronika's fave blend is Heart Chakra with cedarwood, frankincense and juniper, which is perfect for mediation and yoga.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Our biggest achievement is helping our customers to live a more balanced and zen life through aromatherapy. Another major "side effect" of having an independent business is that we connected with lovely, kind and passionate people dedicated to ethical, sustainable and independent retail. Collaborating with lovely independent gift shops, such as Inspitalfields, is a dream come true. Seeing our creations on beautifully curated shelves is such a thrilling feeling! 

Do you have anything planned for this year that you can share with us?

Exciting new product launches are in the works! It's top secret but we will share more very soon!

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